Call for Abstracts

Abstract submission deadline has been extended to March 29, 2019!

General information

• The Programme and Scientific Committee invites authors to submit abstracts to be considered for inclusion in the programme.
• Presentations can be made orally or as an e-poster.
• Final decision about acceptance/rejection and about presentation format (oral/e-poster) of contributions will be made by the individual technical session chairs and the chairman of the Programme and Scientific Committee  on the basis of results of review process of abstracts.
• Any accepted abstracts not selected for an oral presentation will automatically be allocated a poster slot. Some of the abstracts whose authors indicate that they prefer an e-poster presentation may be selected for an oral presentation after agreement with the author.
• Authors of all accepted abstracts will be invited to submit manuscripts.
• Authors must follow the guidelines for abstract submission set out below. Abstracts not conforming to these guidelines will not be considered.

Registration fee payment

• Abstracts will be accepted and included in the “Book of Abstracts” only upon the payment of the registration fee by the presenting author

List of sessions

There will be 11 technical sessions for submitted abstracts for oral presentations and electronic posters. The plenary session on Wednesday 19/6/2019, the panel discussion on Friday 21/6/2019, and the Manufacturers Showcase on Wednesday 19/6/2019 are for invited speakers only.
• Technical Session 1: New Traits & Developments in Beef Cattle Breeding
• Technical session 2: Integrating Sensor Devices within the ICAR Guidelines with a View to Launching Initial Guidelines
• Technical session 3: ICAR Animal Identification Services Session
• Technical session 4: Future Daily Yield Calculations for Cattle
• Technical session 5: Factors Influencing the Accuracy of Recording and Sampling Devices
• Technical session 6: Where Will New Technologies Take Milk Recording?
• Technical session 7: Challenges in Creating Additional Value from Milk Analysis
• Technical session 8: New Developments in Sheep, Goat and Camelids within ICAR
• Technical session 9: Animal Data Exchange Standards: The Road to Implementation
• Technical session 10: Existing and Future Data Pipelines for Welfare and Resilience
• Technical session 11: New Progress in the Field of Artificial Insemination

Important dates and deadlines

• 29th March 2019 – Deadline for submitting abstracts.
• 19th April  2019 – Communication of the acceptance of the abstract as Presentation/Poster. Note that each author will receive information about the results. All accepted abstracts will be listed on the brochure, programme and other literature.
• 15th June 2019 – Deadline for uploading draft manuscripts. The Authors are committed to provide the full manuscript of the presentation/poster for its publication in the Proceedings and are committed to respect the indicated deadline for the delivery
• 30th September 2019 – Deadline for submitting full manuscripts

Method of Submission

• All abstracts must be submitted only via the online form that is accessible in the User zone 

• Authors will have access to their abstracts until the submission deadline and will have possibility to edit already submitted abstracts or submit another one.
• All correspondence concerning the abstract will be sent to submitting author’s e-mail address.

Abstract Delivery Notification

Authors will be notified about the delivery of their abstract by e-mail immediately. In case that you will not receive confirmation within 1 hour, please check your spam folder. In case of no confirmation e-mail, please contact:

Abstract Submission Instructions

• Abstracts can be submitted to the sessions listed sessions listed above
• Abstracts have to be written in English.
• Submitted abstracts must be original. Abstracts previously published or presented at an international scientific meeting cannot be submitted.
• Fill in the submitting author's name and e-mail address properly - these contact details will serve for further correspondence with the author(s).

Abstract Layout

• The length of the abstracts should not be more than 500 words, plain text.
• Title: Make the title of the abstract brief, clearly indicating the nature of the investigation. Use a capital letter for the first letter in the title only (do not capitalize each word).
• Names of the authors: Submit full given name(s) and a full family name. Do not include degrees or professional titles.  
• No figures, tables and references will be accepted.


If you have any questions regarding abstract submission, please contact
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